Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Into the wild : Yogi who camped and hiked.

Researchers say that one week of camping without electronics, resets our biological body clock and synchronizes our melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset. I didn't know all of this before I decided to camp but yes I felt the change after I did it. Camping in the jungles, with just the tress and a water creek around was one of my items on bucket list for a very long time. So when a very dear yogi friend of mine Andrea told me that I have to go camping with her, I realized that it's the universe in work and it's time that I start packing.

We decided to camp at The Desoto Falls located off Highway 129 . It's much fun when you just go into the wild, forget everything for days and just be in the company of the people you like, nourish your soul and hug the trees. Camping is usually a silent form of adventure, it brings clarity of mind and it does wonders when it comes to feed the soul. The best part of the trip was that our phones didn't catch any network miles before we reached the camp site, frustrating at first but now when I look back, it was all worth it. Deciding the campsite,setting up the tents, arranging the food for the group and starting the camp fire, all of this require good amount of physical work but nature understands and believe you me even after the whole day of tiresome work , your body in the end will ooze more energy and your hunger for adventure will increase manifolds.

My home for two days

When our campsite started looking like a home, we spent time making smores in the campfire, talked our hearts out to people who were strangers the day before (some of them) and by the night it all felt good,our hearts were lighter, the summers all of a sudden became cooler and our energies were higher. I had the best sleep in years on the lap of mother earth and it was so sound and good that now I can exactly tell the meaning of "good" in good night.

To quench our thirst for adventure we started our day two with yoga in the company of trees by the creek followed by a good 4.8 miles hike from Neel gap to Blood mountain, part of the Appalachian trail . It rained while we hiked, we were soothed by the nature. The top view was majestic and a part of my heart now belong to the mountains. The trip ended with good three days of time spent with lush green surroundings but the inquisitiveness to know more about nature has increased, I now know that mountains are my calling.

Tree pose to pay our gratitude to the trees

I can write whole day about this wonderful piece of happiness which has changed something inside me forever but I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


Frogtown Creek

Yogi Friends

Some more Yoga by the creek

Just before our hiking adventure

On top of the Blood Mountain

Camp fire : Learnt the art of smore making

Every year Andrea from You Yoga Me Yoga  take the interested yogis amidst nature to make them disconnect from the daily routine. Camping once in an year helps in relaxing the mind. It sets the natural alarm clock for the body, helps with mood-swings, and also engaging with nature by turning off the mobile phones/laptops lowers the stress levels and is believed to be equivalent to meditation. I urge each one my reader to camp once in life and I promise you will not be able to stop yourself from camping again. Let loose and for a change, party with nature. Smell the moist earth and take home the fragrance you would love to wear.