Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eat, eat and eat some more..!!!

Food is not a choice, it's a necessity. It's important to eat to carry out day to day activities.They say eat to live and not live to eat but for some people like me and my real close circle of friends we just live to eat and with all the enthusiasm and pride I declare that I love food and  food loves me back.

I made some real good friends over Maggi, street food, paranthas and what not, food not only connects two people once but it keeps connecting and re connecting again and again provided the love for food is real ;)

Infact eating is a simple answer to so many questions, when in dissonance with self eat chocolates, when you have a fight eat Maggi with Amul butter, when you can't understand life and don't know which path you are on, leave everything and go for some street food hogging, I know too much food is bad and all but it is any day better than a nicotine break, you don't want to lose your lungs weight in the end ;)

Eating your favorite food sometimes is very important to know your own-self, sometimes what you love to eat at a particular point in time can actually give insight about the problems you are facing. Believe you me a friend once in deep trouble left everything to grab her favorite ice-cream and ola!! she got the answer, I am not saying she found the solution in the ice-cream but ice-cream helped her to relax and think. Food helps, we just need to allow it to soothe and ease us.

If you agree with me, please share your thoughts on the same and the foods you prefer to eat during happy or tense times.

Happy Eattt..ingg :)


  1. Exellent Divya ... I too live to eat , I think love for food not only eating but cooking has improved my personality a lot , I have really gained a lot if confidence by cooking too , and yes I have some very personal choices of food to improve my mood swings and that is ice cream and shakes ..

  2. I can so relate with you, whenever I feel sad, I eat chocolates, maggi is also a stress buster. Good to see a food connect here :)