Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miami Happinesssss!!

"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet." Sometimes, I wonder whether Bob Marley went to Miami to write this song then. Alluring and warm beaches, night life which keeps you on your toes, great architecture, jovial and enthusiastic crowd, every person and thing in Miami is larger than life.

It is no less than a dream vacation for people who know how to enjoy life at it's best in Miami. There are so many things to do in Miami but for first timers, I would suggest to book a day trip via Viator, it's cool, very informative, covers the whole Miami, including Coral Gables, Little Havana and a very exciting and well informed cruise of Biscayne Bay. If you have extra time in hand and want to be a little more adventurous, go the local way, take metro movers which are completely free of cost and cover the whole downtown area of Miami or hop on the Miami city tour buses and be on your own, they have a daily charge and you can hop on, hop off any number of times in a day, or just rent a car for suiting your comfort, but when you explore a location in a local way, you take back home the best and only the best.

On our day two we covered Key-West, the island at the southern most tip of the Florida keys, the drive to Key-west is an adventure in itself, your eyes will thank you for this treat. Rent a car ,set your GPS and you are off for the best drive of your life, alternatively you can book cabs or buses for a more laid back and relaxed drive. Enjoy the Key-west island on conch trains or trolleys which are guided & are for people interested in learning more about the culture & history. If you are a party person, there are lots of cafes and bars with bands playing in. Not to be missed in Key-west, the very famous Mallory square, the southernmost tip and the great sun-set. Key-west is a place to chill, relax and be your self, leave all the prejudgments at home before enjoying the best of Key-west. Don't forget the famous Key-Lime Pie, added romance with the hubby enhances the flavor of the trip.

Drive to Key-West
Any trip to Miami is incomplete without getting wet in the waters of the world famous South Beach, go with your towels, sun screen and eye- glares to enjoy the Miami waters. Lay back on the beach chairs with chilled beers, a book or two or just be in the water the whole time, tan yourself , para-sail, jet-ski and all your stress will wither away in no time. Take a stroll of the prominent Art Deco street for observing the Miami night life closely, visit the world erotic art museum and enjoy your food with live music. You will thank your stars for tasting and exploring one of the best night lives of the world.

The famous Mallory Square
Miami is a blissful, fashionable and a sophisticated city with plentiful ways of enjoying your stay there, beat the beats to enjoy the Miami heat. Be a traveler instead of a tourist, add more "s" to your happiness..!!

Just before our para-sailing adventure

Para-sailed !!

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