Tuesday, June 17, 2014

True Friendships!!

"She is my best friend, I can't imagine my life without her", "we have have a BFF's #selfie", lately I am coming across such lines on a regular basis. Social media is changing the definition of best friends, best friends now a days think alike, dress alike, have same tastes, the best friends have the same gossip to share and everything else which can easily get attention on social media but have we ever thought that true relation of a friend is beyond all this, somehow I have realized that best friendships and best relations are formed without any similarity of tastes and passions, the best friends just tend to happen, even if they don't meet on regular basis, the true friendships nurture in the longest of distances and the deepest of smiles, the best friends can read your mind just by the way you say hello on a call, they hardly dress up like you, their tastes might not be similar as yours but the connection you share with them beats all the materialism requires to pass the test of friendship these days.

When hearts are connected , distances take a back seat. You move on with life and so does your best friends but never in your mind for a second you feel that this distance might harm your friendship, off-course meeting and chilling out together doesn't happen that frequently but no matter how far your friend is you know that just a phone call is enough to tell them that you need them and sometimes they know even without a call that you need them and when you develop this kind of relationship with someone and look back how it all started, you will realize that all the drama that took place then was just a process of bringing you and your best friend closer, it was a law in play which had a purpose and the purpose is disclosed now.

Instead of running through life, let's be grateful for what we have, try being grateful to a friend who has been with you in your thick and thins, who knows you inside out, no matter how far you reach in life or how rich you become, your real wealth lies in the people you have spent your precious growing years with and if they are still a phone call away , you are sorted for life. Embrace life and the true relations. Be as passionate and thankful to your friends offline as much as your to them online.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Amicalola: The wonder falls!!

Traveling to far off places to experience fun, happiness and peace is a passé . We don't have to rush through life to book that ticket for Europe or to save money for a luxurious trip to the oceans. Lately, I have realized that all we need to do is to open our eyes wide,sit back and relax, we are not in a race to visit the world first. If we try to look around, we will find so many places in and around the city we dwell in which are still unexplored and are exceptionally beautiful.

Amicalola state park is one such place, husband and I have always thought of visiting different countries to experience the newness of traveling but driving through the countryside to a nearby water-fall is also an equally overwhelming experience. The journey to a destination sometimes is more beautiful than the destination itself but we were in a win win situation when we got the best of both the worlds, located in the heart of Chattahoochee National Forest, Amicalola falls are the perfect weekend gateway for those looking for an escape from the daily hustle bustle.

We did a day trip , hiked the 720 foot tall falls, the trees became our shelter , the ground was the dining table, every moment spent there made me realize that we don't need to travel miles to feel the beauty and magic of nature, the gateway like these, the moments spent singing songs under the trees, walking the trails and drinking the mineral rich water straight from the rocks make the journey called life more beautiful.

A perfect weekend into the lap of mother nature, eat under the trees, play guitar, sing songs, camp, hike the famous Appalachian trail, or just be yourself, this place is a refreshing change for those who like to get lost in the striking beauty of the mountains. For those, who want to be a little more comfortable there are cabins and full service hotel rooms available around the state park. While returning back don't forget to make a halt at the North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall for some shopping from the best of the brands.

Life is beautiful and once in a while romancing with the nature add tons to its beauty!!
Amicalola falls!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Madras Chettinaad :Love thy food!!

Since the time I have moved to Atlanta, husband and I have explored some gazillion restaurants in search of good Indian food. When I say good Indian food, I want to mention that I belong to Northern India, having lived in Delhi and tasted the best of Indian cuisine from street food to fine dine,I have tasted all the good food within and beyond my reach, I have traveled distances to satiate my taste buds.Therefore,the food needs to be really scrumptious for registering a spot in my memory.

So, here after cajoling the husband dearest (he is not experimental with food ),we finally went to Madras Chettinaad, an Indian restaurant with a South Indian feel and the food as amazing as any of those good restaurants in Delhi with a long cue. They have a great Indian buffet every single day of the week and it gets grandeur on the weekends. The ambiance would be relaxed and warm on weekdays but since we went on a Saturday, it was very busy but when you only care for the food, the rest of the things take the back seat, so no complaints here. The best part is the entrance, all the mood setters for the food will be delighted to see the bar at the very opening, just after the waiting area, in fact the wait becomes all the more worth it when you get to enjoy your food with a drink or two.

Now, coming to the food, the variety, the starters, the main course and the desserts, I want to taste all of it again to write about it, I mean it was so good that I can eat it all over again like now as I write about it. I was astonished at the sight of the buffet area, it was grand. For the starters, don't miss the Tofu Manchurian, beautifully cooked vermicelli with vegetables, tandoori chicken for the non-vegetarians, you will be delighted to see the variety of appetizers, all well cooked and with just right amount of oil and spices( husband vouched for it). The dosa, vada, sambar, coconut chutney were also having a royal presence and they totally justified the Madras like feel of the restaurant.The main course included 4-5 veg and non-veg entrees, special eggplant curry not to be missed and mango style fish and the chettinaad curry are the signature dishes, enjoyed these with nan (Indian roti) which melted in ours mouths, some three kinds of rice dishes were made, I had them all, I feel bad if I miss any of the dishes in the buffet, please don't miss the egg-curry, it was hot and tasty.
As much as one can get into the plate

The desserts are still to be talked about, I mean it would be an insult to the chefs if you are done without tasting the desserts, how many desserts would you like to prefer after a good hearty meal, 2-3?, they had five of them, to start with the superbly delicious orange pannacotta , sweet and little extra sweet kheer, good to go Mango custartd, vermilcilli kheer and the very famous Gulab jamun. I thanked myself for coming to Madras Chettinaad and my husband thanked me twice after seeing the bill, all of this for only $13 per person. It's a good place to enjoy food with friends and family, for a while you will forget that you are in US and after the whole experience you will think OMG!! all of this in US.

Orange Pannacotta, gulab jamun, vermiclli kheer and mango custard

Life is good and with a little bit of food and good company it becomes better.

Address: Madras Chettinaad,
4305 State Bridge road, #108 Alpharetta, GA 30022