Monday, May 12, 2014

The reason behind my energy and enthusiasm!!

I have no idea how do I start this post, I was wanting to write on this subject for a very long time now but somehow was not able to muster the courage to do so. But when I think of her, I just want to pen down my love, expressions in the form of words and thus today I am writing this post for my mommy, the source of my happiness, the rope of my strength.

My mother is a very simple lady, she never had any expectations from life, She has always thanked God for every little gift and never in my life I have seen her demanding for any of those fancy I want this-that things which women adore! Everybody was putting status messages on thanking their mommies yesterday and it does make so much of sense to thank your mom on mother's day but I realized I was just unable to do the same, I had so much to say, so much to write but I just couldn't. May be because one day was just not enough to thank her for what all she has done for me, may be one day was not enough to express my love for her , may be one day was not enough for making her realize that she is the center of my gravity, the reason behind my chilled out, simple and mommy will handle it all life.

My mommy has seen me failing and succeeding, she has seen me weak and strong, she has seen me sad and happy but I have always seen her loving, her failures, success, strengths, happiness everything just revolved around my happiness, If I cried she cried too and now that I am crying while writing this and it is becoming a tad heavy, I just want to say that mumma you are God for me and it would not be justified if I thank you because a thank you is just not enough, a day is not enough and neither a lifetime to explain what you mean to me.

I love you and always will!!

Aap ho toh main hun :)


  1. Very nice thought ... may the energy in u remain like this forever . We all are actually blessed with the best mothers of the world and that's the reason of that positivity which is inside us .kep on writing like this love xoxo

  2. Very nice Divya! :) Can completely relate with every word

  3. Thank you Richa :) Mothers are just the best.

  4. Nidhi di, thanks for the read. Your words are really encouraging.